courchevel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd december 2023 to 21st april 2024
3 hours to discover the 3 Vallées
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3 hours to discover the 3 Vallées From Courchevel

Intermediate level (blue runs)

Epicéa pines near the Altiport

Three hours among the forests of Méribel

An easy adventure in the neighbouring valley of Méribel, in three hours and on our favourite blue runs

Depart Courchevel 1850 and steer away from the classics, instead taking Plantrey then Dou des Lanches chairlifts to get to the famous Col de la Loze. Ski down to the Altiport by the blue run Pic Bleu which straight away gives you a taste of the Altiport forests. We continue on the Piste des Animaux to discover the beauty of our local fauna in a magical setting. It’s a bonus if you ski it after the snow has freshly fallen on the immense épicéa pines.

To gain time, once at the Altiport, grab hold of the easy tow rope which brings you back to the Méribel Rond-Point via a gentle wooded track, then head down to Méribel Centre.

From Méribel snowfront, take the smart, modern Legends chair, with its heated seats, then the Olympic chair, in the direction of the blue Roc de Fer run (a piste that saw the women’s champions fly down in the 1992 Albertville Olympics, and then the World Ski Championships in 2023). Then cruise left towards Raffort and its blue run that winds through the forest: let your five senses guide you! Hop on the Olympe ‘eggs’ to get back to the Méribel Chaudanne, and then the Saulire Express gondola to return to Courchevel 1850.

Saint Martin
The meadows of Saint Martin

The alpine meadows of Saint Martin de Belleville in three hours

**A voyage that seems so far away and such an adventure! You have three hours to discover the delights of the Belleville Valley and its easy runs.

Depart from Courchevel 1850 taking the classic original gondolas of Verdons and Vizelle. Now it’s blue runs all the way down from the summit. Head towards Méribel Centre on Biche, Marmotte and Doron. From Méribel Chaudanne snowfront, take the modern Legends chairlift, then Cherferie. At the top begins our voyage to the alpine pastures of Saint Martin de Belleville, on the legendary and historic Jérusalem piste, then Biollay all the way down to the village of Saint Martin. And it's easy to return: take the Saint Martin 1 gondola then the Saint Martin Express chair. Now you’re at the summit of Tougnète, head for the blue run Faon to Perdrix then down to Mottaret – yep, we’re on a circular route! By taking Pas du Lac you can appreciate the 360° views from the iconic Saulire summit before making the final descent of the day on Creux and Altiport runs.

Advanced level (red runs)

col chambre
The Col de la Chambre route between Val Thorens and Méribel

Ski the peaks with three hours on the stopwatch

Let’s go and explore the 3 Valleys by taking the very best red runs on this circuit.

Depart from Courchevel 1850 by taking the Verdons and Vizelle gondolas, then you ski down to Méribel-Mottaret on the Niverolle and Aigle runs. In Mottaret, to take the quickest route, hop on the Plattières gondola then the Côte Brune chair. Get some carving turns in on the superb red run Venturon, and on through the narrower passages where you have to take tighter turns. So fun!

We carry on this big adventure by climbing up to the top of Mont Vallon on the gondola. After admiring the Gébroulaz glacier for a moment, and the white landscape, we take the legendary Combe du Vallon run. An intense, long red which causes everyone a little thigh burn, even the pros! To finish on a more relaxed, even poetic, run, take the Piste de l’Ours which plunges through the Tueda Nature Reserve. Once back in Mottaret, all you need to do is take Pas du Lac back up to La Saulire and you can ski all the way down into Courchevel.

Saint Martin Belleville
Saint Martin de Belleville

The 3 Vallées Express

Do the 3 Vallées Express in the same number of hours? Yes it’s possible and we can prove it on this advanced skier route!

Leave Courchevel 1850 via the Verdons and Vizelle gondolas: classic combo. Ski down to Méribel-Mottaret via Niverolle and Aigle. In Mottaret, take Plattières gondola then the new Bouquetin chairlift.

At the top, head down the magnificent Allamands red, with its wide, more gentle inclines combined with steep sections as well as some surprises! To continue on another fabulous piste in the Belleville valley, take the Roc 2 chairlift to join Grand Lac: a blue run, ideal for huge carving turns, then down to the Granges lift. Take a seat on this sunny chair, top up your tan and appreciate the snow-covered alpine pastures. At the top, take the hidden piste Alouette which gives a wonderful high-altitude panorama, then the Sitelle run down to Mottaret. And voilà, it’s time to head back to Courchevel on the old school gondola, Pas du Lac!

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courchevel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd december 2023 to 21st april 2024
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