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from 2nd december 2023 to 21st april 2024
Skiing with kids in Courchevel
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Skiing with kids Courchevel & Les 3 Vallées

With a Courchevel skipass

Head up high !

You don't have to be a champion to climb to the top! They are also accessible to apprentice skiers, and the proof is in the pudding:

  • 2300m - Le Col de la Loze : From Courchevel 1850, take the Plantrey chairlift, the Arolles blue run and then the Dou des Lanches chairlift. Up here, you can see the whole valley below and you're surrounded by the legendary peaks of the Alps. The descent is a gentle one on the blue runs of Col de la Loze and Anémones.
  • 2740m - La Saulire : Hop on to the top of Courchevel! With the Verdons and Vizelle gondolas, the journey is safe and warm. From the top, you can glide down the blue pistes of Les Creux. Then on to the Altiport before reaching Courchevel 1850.

Explore the forest

La Tania : put simply, it’s a paradise for kids on skis! The trails snake between trees, the slopes are gentle and not too busy, and there’s a magical atmosphere when you’re this close to nature. The blue run Folyères and the green Plan Fontaine will take you on an enchanted voyage among the pine trees. It’s a sensory way to explore as you smell the fragrant pines and search for signs of wild animals hiding among the tree trunks: alpine hares, deer, even stags. Let your littles ones’ imaginations depart on a fairytale adventure!

Sliding is fun!

The canyons of Courchevel Moriond At the Canyon of Indiens, Yepa, the trail’s guardian invites you to encounter the spirits of the nature whilst enjoying a ride down the slope. Look out of the boxes of the eagle, the slalom of the wolf, and the straight under the bear’s claw mark and try to hit the bison feature with your pole. A real adventure!

Another canyon to explore is the Fun Park, which runs alonsgide the blue Ariondaz in the Courchevel Moriond ski area. It’s a wide natural half pipe and youngsters will love the sensation of momentum as they ski up the sides of the hills! It isn’t groomed so it changes naturally as people ski it, giving you 1000 different ways to ride it!

The Family Park Do not miss the Family Park whilst you are here! It is located in the heart of the Courchevel ski area and it features a race down the boardercross, your initiation into boxes and ‘getting air’ on the small jumps, moving up through the medium and large runs as you become a real freestyler… Add a moment of fun to your ski day, but don’t be surprised if you get requests for a repeat!

Le best spot avec les kids

Courchevel Moriond is the most eastern part of Courchevel and the 3 Valleys offers, without a doubt, the best skiing for families. In sunshine for the whole day, the pistes are wide and gently undulating making them fun to ski. This wide open space helps to build confidence quickly. A special mention for the trails accessed by the Pyramide button lift – they’re wild, unfrequented, and really enjoyable to ski. The green run Praline also deserves a visit – it twists through the terrain which is dotted with snowy mountain huts and is just as fun for the grown-ups as the kids!

With a 3 Vallees skipass

In Les 3 Vallées - So much more to discover!

Firstly, bravo! Bravo, because the name of the largest ski area in the world didn’t put you off! Big doesn’t always mean difficult… And as proof, we promise you a huge variety of green and blue routes to explore throughout this incredible area. Here are a few examples

Ski among the pines in Altiport Meribel Surrounded by nature amongst the magical forest, the gentle, wide slopes are ideal for enjoying beautiful snowy trails in the sunshine. The area is even more interesting with the ‘Piste des Animaux’ – the animal trail – a green run which is fun and educational. Call upon your five senses to recognise the footprints, sounds and fur of local animals. A sensory slide!

Learning is fun in Meribel-Mottaret Head over to ‘the heart of the 3 Valleys’ in Méribel to discover the many fun trails accessible to small and more grown-up children! At the Yeti Park your kids can twist and turn through the slalom poles, whizz through the talking tunnels, hit the gongs, and test their skills on the bends and loops... Carry on the fun as you head from the Himalayas to meet the Inuits on the Altiport sector. A morning spot and an afternoon spot = a perfect day! Brush up against the glaciers
Destination the Mont-Vallon. In the heart of the central valley of the 3 Valleys, Meribel, travel on this mythical summit of the valley. Central, pyramid-shaped when viewed from below, this summit is accessible to the less experienced because it is accessible to pedestrians, both up and down. If you pass by, dare to climb up there, at almost 3000m of altitude (2952m very exactly)! The view on the glaciers is sublime and if the sun shines, it is an ideal place to enjoy a picnic. You can explain the phenomenon of glaciers to your children, and the importance of preserving our beautiful nature to be able to keep them.

A white horizon - towards Saint-Martin de Belleville Head over the border and visit the neighbouring valley with its sublime snow-covered pastures: Saint Martin de Belleville. A reinvigorating escapade and perfect for learner skiers. We award top marks to the Jérusalem piste: one of our absolute favourites in the 3 Valleys for adults and children alike. The terrain is stunning with wide open fields and sherpherds’ huts. It’s also usually in great condition. It’s easy to return to the Méribel valley via the top of Tougnète on the two Saint Martin lifts.

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Plan your routes with the map ‘3 Valleys on green and blue slopes’.

The 5 safetly rules on the slopes
  • Wear a helmet. Even more important for your children!
  • Respect the opening and closing hours of the ski area. Grooming machines drive on the slopes when they are shut to skiers.
  • Always stop at the side of the slope, not the middle, and not below bumps, in order to remain fully visible to other skiers coming downhill.
  • Slow down at junctions. The priority is given to the skier below you.
  • If you want to change direction, slow down and check behind you to ensure you’re not in going to get in the way of other skiers around and above you.
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courchevel & 3 Vallées
from 2nd december 2023 to 21st april 2024
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